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Using the Placeholder Geocoder at SFO Museum

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This is a long and technical blog post. The short version is: It is now easy, possible and inexpensive to install and operate a “coarse” geocoding service, with global coverage, support for multiple languages and stable permanent identifiers using openly licensed data, both locally and in ☁️ the cloud ☁️. We’ve made some additional tools to complement this reality and waded through some of the muck of modern software development so you don’t have to.

This is a blog post by aaron cope. It was published on November 04, 2019 and tagged aws, geo, geocoding, pelias, placeholder, sfo and whosonfirst.

We do everything ourselves at the museum, from curatorial to registration to exhibition design and installation and now digital. The goal of this weblog is to be a place where everyone at the museum can share their work and the motivations that guide that work, and inform what you see at the airport. Some of it will be tangible and immediate, some of it may be shop-talk, and some of it may be speculative and aspirational. We hope that all of it will be interesting and give you a reason to discover a little more of the museum the next time you’re at the airport or visiting us online. Here are the most recent posts from our blog!

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