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Experimental SFO Museum Wayfinding Service

This is an experimetal wayfinding service for routing between waypoints at SFO and galleries and public art works at SFO Museum. It's experimental in the sense that it mostly works but is understood to still be potentially inaccurate and sometimes even incorrect. It may also still have user interface and accessibility issues that need to be addressed. We are making this experimental service publicly available in the hopes of soliciting feedback and to learn by doing. For a complete list of current known knowns and instructions on how to submit your feedback please consult the about page.

Here are the steps that will get you from there.

Here are some of the things from SFO Museum and the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) that you will pass along your way.

Please remember that this is an experimental service and may still contain inaccuracies. We welcome feedback and suggestions for ways in which this service can be improved.