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A San Francisco native, Joan Brown (1938-90) was recognized early in her career as a major talent working in the style that became identified as Bay Area Figurative. This image was posted on March 29, 2023. #5womenartists #womenshistorymonth #joanbrown #publicart
Born in Fort Payne, Alabama, Katherine Stinson (1891-1977) was the fourth woman in the United States to obtain a pilot’s certification. This image was posted on March 28, 2023. #enduranceengines #womenshistorymonth
Christening ceremonies for airplanes arose from the tradition of christening ships, where a fluid was broken or poured on a ship’s hull and the ship was blessed with a name and good luck. This image was posted on March 27, 2023. #52objects #womenshistorymonth #sfohistory #avgeek #shirleytempleblack
While in a bookstore, choreographer Cathy Marston came across Charles Webb’s 1963 novel “The Graduate.” Glancing at the book jacket, she realized that the book was written in San Francisco. This image was posted on March 24, 2023. #sfballetat90 #ballet #womenshistorymonth
“The Color of Horizons” by Dana Hemenway recently was awarded first prize by Fiber Art Now for their Fiber Reimagined juried exhibition! This image was posted on March 22, 2023. #publicart #danahemenway #5womenartists #womenshistorymonth
Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter (1915-2020) was an American dancer, actress and model who became a promoter, educator, marketer, commercial pilot, and philanthropist. This image was posted on March 20, 2023. #52objects #womeninaviation #womenshistorymonth
The Bruton sisters — Margaret (1894–1983), Esther (1896–1992), and Helen Bruton (1898–1985) — were multidisciplinary artists who worked in painting, printmaking, mosaic, terrazzo, and bas-relief. This image was posted on March 20, 2023. #californiamodernistwomen #5womenartists #womenshistorymonth #thebrutonsisters #brutonsisters #margaretbruton
Freda Koblick (1920–2011) was a native of San Francisco who pioneered cast-acrylic plastic sculpture. This image was posted on March 17, 2023. #californiamodernistwomen #fredakoblick #5womenartists #womenshistorymonth
Linda Geary is an abstract painter whose work is inspired by material processes of cutting, revision and repair; a collage approach that references actions of sewing and construction, akin to making a quilt. This image was posted on March 15, 2023. #womenshistorymonth
French American coloratura soprano Lily Pons (1898–1976) was a pop-cultural sensation and appeared on radio programs, recorded for RCA Records, starred in Hollywood films, and had perfume, flowers, and even a town—Lilypons, Maryland—named after her. This image was posted on March 14, 2023. #sfoperacentennial #sfopera #opera #womenshistorymonth
Susan O’Malley (1976-2015) asked everyday people, ranging in ages from seven to eighty-eight, “What advice would your 80-year-old self give you?” She began this project at a period in her life when she was considering leaving her “grown-up job” to focus on her artistic endeavors and while her mother was suffering from a rapidly degenerative disease. This image was posted on March 03, 2023. #susanomalley #5womenartists #internationalwomenshistorymonth #womenshistorymonth #publicart