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“Orion“ by Spencer Finch is inspired by the seven major stars of Orion, one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky. This image was posted on June 30, 2023. #publicart #spencerfinch
Born in 1933, in Henan, China, Fong Chung-ray found his interest in abstract art when reading American journals and books after moving to Taiwan in 1949. This image was posted on May 09, 2023. #fongchungray #apahm #aapiheritagemonth #aapihm #publicart #painting
Joyce Hsu is a Bay Area artist best known for her mechanized creatures that inhabit a fantasy world of the artist’s creation. This image was posted on May 02, 2023. #joycehsu #apahm #apiheritagemonth #publicart
“Green Map” by Ellen Harvey inverts the traditional idea of a map to highlight the region’s green space. This image was posted on April 25, 2023. #earthmonth #ellenharvey #publicart #mosaic #map
Harvey Milk Terminal 1 passengers, have you seen “Hyper-Natural Bay Area” by artist Robert Minervini? This image was posted on April 13, 2023. #publicart #robertminervini #sanfrancisco #mosaic
A San Francisco native, Joan Brown (1938-90) was recognized early in her career as a major talent working in the style that became identified as Bay Area Figurative. This image was posted on March 29, 2023. #5womenartists #womenshistorymonth #joanbrown #publicart
“The Color of Horizons” by Dana Hemenway recently was awarded first prize by Fiber Art Now for their Fiber Reimagined juried exhibition! This image was posted on March 22, 2023. #publicart #danahemenway #5womenartists #womenshistorymonth
“When the Path Through the Atmosphere is Longer” by Ranu Mukherjee is inspired by the feeling of being suspended in time and space during long-haul air travel and seeing two sunrises or sunsets in the same day. This image was posted on March 09, 2023. #ranumukherjee #5womenartists #internationalwomenshistorymonth #publicart
Susan O’Malley (1976-2015) asked everyday people, ranging in ages from seven to eighty-eight, “What advice would your 80-year-old self give you?” She began this project at a period in her life when she was considering leaving her “grown-up job” to focus on her artistic endeavors and while her mother was suffering from a rapidly degenerative disease. This image was posted on March 03, 2023. #susanomalley #5womenartists #internationalwomenshistorymonth #womenshistorymonth #publicart
“My work really is about a weathered history of our journey on this planet—the cycle of birth, life, death and regeneration.” – Leonardo Drew Using off-the-shelf materials and the occasional found object, Leonardo Drew (b. This image was posted on February 28, 2023. #publicart #leonardodrew #blackhistorymonth
“Time, Turn, and Light” by Woody De Othello depict ambiguous sets of hands interacting with everyday objects such as clocks, a flashlight, a candle, and a doorknob. This image was posted on February 22, 2023. #publicart #woodydeothello #blackhistorymonth
David Huffman (b. This image was posted on February 17, 2023. #publicart #davidhuffman #blackhistorymonth