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#Onthisday in 1970, the world's first ever scheduled Boeing 747 wide-body jet service was flown by Pan American World Airways with Captain Robert M. Weeks in command. Named "Clipper Young America," it departed New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport at 1:52AM and reached London's Heathrow Airport in 6 hours and 43 minutes. The new wide-body was twice the size of the Boeing 707. What are your fondest memories of the Boeing 747? Image: Pan American World Airways postcard, Boeing 747, early 1970s. Gift of the Captain John B. Russell Family. 2012.149.0366 This image was posted on January 22, 2020.

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Boeing (1916 to ..)
This company is from the United States
Pan American Airways. It is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .