Pan American Airways (1927 to 1991) We have 709 objects involving Pan American Airways in our collection / See all the airlines that SFO Museum holds hands with / This airline is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .

This map does not depict exactly where Pan American Airways is from but rather its approximate location. Think of it as being more "around here" than say another place in the world.

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Dubbed “The Uniform for the Superjet Era,” this 1971 Pan American uniform was designed by Frank Smith who said it was meant to be a “functional and fashionable wardrobe that could be worn in all seasons, and of such quality that it would enhance the #PanAm image.” #MuseumFromHome

This tweet was posted on April 15, 2020.

This 1947 #PanAm ad shows textiles similar to ones in our #EmpoweringThreads exhibit. Have you been to #Mexico or #Guatemala? #TravelTuesday

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Did you know that from 1982 to 1988 Pan American Airways offered its own complimentary helicopter service? #PanAm

This tweet was posted on February 10, 2016.
This airline was from United States and sometimes referred to as