Pan American Airways (1927 to 1991) See all the airlines that SFO Museum holds hands with. This airline is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .

This map does not depict exactly where Pan American Airways is from but rather its approximate location. Think of it as being more "around here" than say another place in the world.

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The world would still be your oyster for a 1940s edition of #TravelTuesday- #PanAm's glorious map covers it all! This tweet was posted on May 05, 2015.
#OnThisDay in 1934, the Martin M-130 took its first test flight in Baltimore, Maryland. The largest commercial airplane when delivered in 1935, only three Martin M-130 flying boats were built. #PanAm #avgeek This tweet was posted on December 30, 2022.
#OnThisDay in 1948, the first #PanAm airmail service to Barcelona, Spain departed from NY. Have you ever been to Barcelona? #TravelTuesday This tweet was posted on November 08, 2016.