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One of the greatest advances in commercial aviation was the successful introduction of jet airliners during the late 1950s. Although introduced after the British de Havilland Comet and the Soviet Tupolev Tu-104, the Boeing 707 was the world’s first viable commercial jetliner to provide regular and sustained scheduled commercial airline service. The 707 revolutionized the airline industry while effectively ushering in the jet age of air travel. #OnThisDay in 1957, the first Boeing 707 took flight on a rainy day from Renton Municipal Airport in Washington. N708PA, the aircraft that took this first test flight, pictured here, was delivered to Pan American World Airways on November 30, 1958. Did you ever fly on a 707? Image: Boeing 707, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, 1958. The Estate of Fred Nott. 2004.016.157

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Boeing (1916 to ..)
This company is from the United States
airmail flight cover: Transpacific Air Mail, Suva (Fiji) - Los Angeles route
Image by SFO Museum.
Pan American Airways (1927 to 1991)
This airline was from the United States. It is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .