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Piedmont Aviation was incorporated in North Carolina on July 2, 1940, by Thomas Henry Davis. Initially, Piedmont Aviation began as an airplane repair service and a training school for pilots. After creating a subsidiary, Piedmont Airlines, the company operated its first passenger service in February 1948. After six years, Piedmont celebrated carrying its millionth passenger in 1954. By 1962, Piedmont's service extended to Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington, D.C. Their entry into the jet age was powered by a Boeing 727 in 1967. Piedmont started to operate Boeing 737s the next year. In 1989, Piedmont was acquired by USAir, which, in turn, was acquired by American Airlines. Today’s Defunct Thursday episode has a rather complicated plot twist: USAir changed the name of an affiliated subsidiary, Henson Airlines, to Piedmont Airlines in 1993. This new iteration of Piedmont uses the same logo as the earlier company and operates as a subsidiary of American Airlines. This image was posted on September 29, 2022.