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Japanese art was influenced by other Eastern countries, such as China and India. Japan’s mythical dragon motif originated in China. In Japan, dragons adorned items including vessels, where they appear coiled around them. Dragons also appear on textiles, lacquer boxes, screens, and scrolls. Depictions of the dragon’s scales, long tail, gaping jaw, and flickering tongue fascinated Western artists who soon began producing their own versions of vases with three-dimensional dragons. Renowned designer Christopher Dresser (1834–1904) explored and reinterpreted many Japanese forms and motifs. He traveled throughout Japan in 1876–77 where he studied Japanese ceramic design and production. Dresser designed one of the dragon vases on view for the Old Hall Earthenware Company, which exhibits both Japanese and Chinese influences. See “Japonisme: A Passion for Japan” on display, post-security, in Terminal 2 and online at: https://bit.ly/JaponismeSFO This image was posted on December 13, 2022.