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Visitors to the Aviation Museum will no doubt recognize this large Pan Am floor globe! Long before joining our collection, it was displayed in the lobby of Building One on Treasure Island, San Francisco, which served as Pan Am’s terminal for its trans-Pacific service and as the Administration Building for the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition. The globe then moved with Pan Am to San Francisco Airport after World War II. The base and the semicircular caliper holding the globe were modified to include the word “World” in the airline’s new identity, Pan American World Airways, which was adopted after the war. It is clad in cork, which allowed airline personnel to use pins and yarn to depict the airline’s route system. Would you believe that it has a working engine and spins? For years, the globe graced the rotunda of Pan Am’s terminal building located on the airfield to the north of the seaplane harbor at SFO. In 1996, it officially joined our collection! floor globe: Pan American World Airways; c. 1939 Transfer from San Francisco International Airport 1996.16.04 http://bit.ly/3MeAztw This image was posted on April 03, 2023.

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Pan American Airways. It is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .