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The design of the A310 was based on the A300, the first widebody airliner produced by Airbus Industrie. The A310 had a shortened fuselage and a redesigned wing and undercarriage. It also had a lower purchase price than other widebody airliners and was designed to be more economical to operate, thus allowing smaller carriers to compete with larger airlines in the widebody service market. The improved A310-300 was developed for international carriers with the range to fly transatlantic routes nonstop. Introduced in 1983 by Lufthansa and Swissair, the aircraft proved reliable in service while providing a comfortable and spacious cabin for passengers. It was operated by carriers worldwide in both passenger and freight configurations. Both the A300 and A310 established Airbus as a major European airliner manufacturer. This image was posted on October 06, 2021.

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