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The Boeing 747 jumbojet was a revolutionary airliner. After receiving a request and ample input from Pan American World Airways president Juan T. Trippe, Boeing developed several design concepts. Trippe and Boeing had initially conceived a double-deck airliner with two narrow-body cabins placed on top of each other. Ultimately, a design was chosen for a very large circular fuselage with a small pod on top containing the cockpit and a lounge. The 747 initially had transoceanic range of nearly five thousand miles. In accordance with an agreement with Boeing, Pan American received the initial deliveries and was first to introduce the widebody airliner on January 22, 1970. In celebration of its launch, Pan American offered customers promotional View-Master three-dimensional viewers with sets of disks that detailed the 747’s development and highlighted its revolutionary features. “Widebody: The Launch of the Jumbojets in the Early 1970s” is on display, pre-security, in the Aviation Museum and Library. http://bit.ly/WidebodyAV This image was posted on March 13, 2020.

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