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From 1997 to 2002, Richard Misrach photographed the Golden Gate Bridge from the front porch of his house in the Berkeley Hills. Misrach focused his 8-by-10 inch view camera on the same fixed point on the horizon of the San Francisco Bay. He took pictures of this scene at different times of year and different times of day, creating more than 700 images overall. In showcasing this single viewpoint over numerous images, Misrach draws our attention to the subtle and dramatic shifts in color and light, and to the dynamic contrast between the fixed structure of the bridge and the ever-changing forces of nature. See “Golden Gate Bridge, 2.27.00, 4:55 pm, 4.17.00, 4:01 pm, and 3.4.01, 7:30 pm” by #RichardMisrach online at: https://bit.ly/3aevoET This image was posted on August 19, 2020.