Flights for DY7077 These are not all the flights that DY7077 has taken, just some of them that have flown in or out of SFO

DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713249815 (20200629-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713243713 (20200626-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713239763 (20200624-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713235813 (20200622-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713229793 (20200619-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713225725 (20200617-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713221849 (20200615-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713104407 (20200429-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713089293 (20200425-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713079295 (20200422-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713065937 (20200418-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713055669 (20200415-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713041727 (20200411-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713030487 (20200408-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713014449 (20200404-A-NAX-7077)
DY7077 (FCO-SFO) 1713003029 (20200401-A-NAX-7077)