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18th Street Downgrade Oil and black chalk/charcoal on single-thread, primed canvas; uncoated of very thin synthetic resign varnish (spray).
Ángulos en Todas las Direcciones Acrylic on board, diptych
Baile! Copper and powder-coated steel
Bay Area Bird Encounters Plywood, veneers, varnish
This mural is on display post-security in Terminal 2 (Boarding Area D)
BFILRYD Laminated glass with photographic interlayer and frosted glass
This mural is on display post-security in Terminal 3 (Boarding Area D)
Billboard Series Handmade abaca paper and bamboo
Bird Technology Hand-painted ceramic tile
Blue Deer Oil and pigmented ink with gesso ground on wood panels
Butterfly Wall Dichroic acrylic, stepper motors and electronic motor controllers
Ceiling Flood Neon, argon, fluorescent light
Every Beating Second Powder-coated steel, colored fiber, colored light, mechanized air flow, and computer programming