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The enslaved potter known as Dave inscribed poetry onto the pottery he made over the course of more than forty years. This image was posted on January 04, 2022. #stonewarestories #ceramics #edgefield #pottery
Thomas Chandler and other potters of Edgefield, South Carolina, often mixed different clays together to achieve the proper balance and ground their clays in a pug mill to obtain the right consistency for turning. This image was posted on November 19, 2021. #stonewarestories #thomaschandler #edgefield #ceramics
Shortly after arriving in Edgefield, South Carolina, Thomas Chandler mastered the use of local kaolin clay and alkaline glazes, creating beautiful pots that exhibited a celadon-like gloss surface similar to those produced in China and Korea. This image was posted on October 22, 2021. #stonewarestories #ceramics #pottery
Despite owning at least three potteries in South Carolina, Collin Rhodes likely never worked as a potter himself. This image was posted on September 16, 2021. #stonewarestories #ceramics #edgefield
In 1834, the South Carolina General Assembly passed a draconian law making it illegal to teach enslaved African Americans to read and write. This image was posted on June 19, 2021. #juneteenth #juneteenthcelebration #stonewarestories
Not one, but TWO exhibitions and galleries opened this week! This image was posted on May 28, 2021. #flightpatterns #stonewarestories #avgeek #museum #uniforms #pottery