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Designed in the International Style, SFO’s 1954 Terminal was a seven-story building and employed an innovative, dual-level layout that separated departures from arrivals. This image was posted on October 04, 2022. #sfohistory #sfo #avgeek #sfo1954 #airport
To keep pace with the rapid expansion of commercial aviation in the 1940s and 50s, major airports around the world updated their facilities with longer runways, expansive taxiways, and modern passenger terminals including at San Francisco Airport, where construction of a new terminal began in 1951. This image was posted on August 23, 2022. #sfo1954 #sfohistory #avgeek #airport
Are you as excited as we are that the Sky Terrace @flysfo is reopening? This image was posted on May 25, 2021. #sfo1954 #sfohistory #skyterrace #airport #avgeek