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The first flight of the Boeing 377 took place #onthisday in 1947. The 377, named the #Stratocruiser, was Boeing's first commercial post-war airliner. Pan American World Airways’ first aircraft was delivered on January 31, 1949. With passenger accommodations for up to 100, depending on the seating configuration, the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was a fast, pressurized, large capacity airliner. Following its introduction in 1949, brochures and advertisements promoted its exceedingly smooth ride, its large, roomy, upper deck, and, in particular, the Stratocruiser's unique and luxurious lower-deck lounge. Often regarded as "the queen of the skies," the Stratocruiser became a favorite with passengers due in great part to its lounge. Image: Pan American World Airways, Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, c. 1955. SFO Museum Collection. 1993.12.01 b This image was posted on July 08, 2019.

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