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The Saturday Evening Girls Club began as a library reading group under the guidance of librarian Edith Guerrier (1870–1958) in Boston’s North End in 1899. The intent of the club was to improve the lives of mostly Italian and Jewish immigrant girls. As the popularity of the group increased, Guerrier expanded the club, offering extracurricular activities. The success of these groups attracted the attention of philanthropist Helen Osborne Storrow (1864–1944), who helped establish Paul Revere Pottery in 1908. Club members made and decorated pots, looked after the workrooms, and staffed the retail store at Paul Revere Pottery. Volunteers read literature or played music to women while they worked. New staff members learned by assisting more experienced workers, and artists were permitted to sign their pieces. Learn more about #ArtsandCrafts in "At Home with #ArtsandCrafts" on display pre-security, in the International Terminal. http://bit.ly/SFOArtsandCrafts

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