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“The idea was to do a piece of furniture that would be simple and yet comfortable…it would have in its appearance the essence of the method that produced it.” – Charles Eames Eames plywood chairs exhibit a functional and sculptural, harmoniously simple design that flexes to fit the sitter through pivoting rubber shock-mount connections. Developed from 1943–48 by Evans Products’ Molded Plywood Division, the project was based initially on a conventional, single-piece seat and back. A two-piece design proved more practical and cost effective, with separate seats and backs formed from sheets of wooden veneer that were glued and pressed between heated steel and plaster molds. Molded plywood chairs were available in ash, birch, rosewood, and walnut veneers in natural, red, or black finishes, or upholstered in a variety of animal hides, fabric, leather, or Naugahyde vinyl.

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This image was posted on September 21, 2016.