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Interior design advice from the 19th century that holds up today: influential architect and furniture designer Charles Locke Eastlake encouraged a threefold division of walls in 1867, explaining to his readers that: “Paperhangings should in no case be allowed to cover the whole space of a wall from skirting to ceiling….The most dreary method of decorating the wall of a sitting-room is to cover it all over with an unrelieved pattern of monotonous design.” Fashionable Aesthetic Movement interiors displayed a dado, which covered the lower part of the wall and provided an alternative to wood paneling. This image was posted on April 27, 2022. #victorianpaperedwall #wallpaper #wallpaperwednesday #design
The Sud Aviation Caravelle was one of the first successful commercial jetliners produced in Europe. This image was posted on April 27, 2022. #avgeek #aviationhistory #sudaviation #caravelle #airplane