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US Airways traced its roots to All American Aviation, which was founded in 1937 to conduct experiments in air mail pick up. The service did not require landings and take off and instead used a hook that would snag pouches of outbound airmail and drop outbound airmail from the plane. As the company expanded, All American began to offer passenger flights and changed its name to All American Airways in 1949. The company changed its name again in 1953 to Allegheny Airlines. Allegheny is the area of the Appalachian Mountains where the company started their experimental air mail pick up. From the mid- 1950s to the mid-1960s, Allegheny operated Convair 440's, 540's and Martin 2-0-2s. The company’s first jet aircraft introduced into service was the DC-9. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Allegheny merged with several other regional airlines, such as Lake Central and Mohawk. To reflect its growing service area, the airline again changed its name to US Air. More on US Airways next week! This image was posted on December 22, 2022.