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The Victorian Era (1837–1901) ushered in a dizzying array of design styles. Historical revivals, an anti-industrial return to nature, Modern Gothic, Anglo-Japanese, and Eastern exoticism all coexisted in the public imagination. The Victorians’ intense fascination with the exotic stemmed from popular novels, illustrated travelogues, exhibitions, and increasing travel by steamship. Entire rooms might be fashioned in Moorish or Japanese-inspired designs. Asian themes were favored as sitting rooms. Moorish and Turkish décor, on the other hand, often transformed a corner nook, parlor, or smoking room. Special thank you to Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers (@BradburyWallpaper) for making this exhibition possible. “The Victorian Papered Wall” is on display pre-security in the International Terminal and online at: https://bit.ly/VictorianPaperedWall This image was posted on January 04, 2023.