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Christening ceremonies for airplanes arose from the tradition of christening ships, where a fluid was broken or poured on a ship’s hull and the ship was blessed with a name and good luck. Christening celebrations where sailors ask for a higher power’s blessing for a nautical vessel can be traced back for thousands of years and across many different cultures. The tradition has evolved in the United States to incorporate Champagn as the customary liquid to pour on an aircraft. A woman, called a sponsor, traditionally breaks the bottle of alcohol. This TWA (Trans World Airlines) Boeing 747-131, registration number N93104, was christened the “City of San Francisco” by the late diplomat, former child star, and Bay Area resident Shirley Temple Black on April 5, 1970. negative: San Francisco International Airport (SFO), TWA (Trans World Airlines), Boeing 747-100; 1970 Transfer from San Francisco International Airport 2011.032.2241 http://bit.ly/3FWnoJG This image was posted on March 27, 2023.