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This is your last week to see “Flight Patterns.” During the 1960s, conservative-yet-elegant flight attendant suits evolved into ensembles that mirrored the fun-loving, free-spirit of the time. With rising competition between airlines, flight attendants’ service and uniforms and became an integral part of airlines’ advertising strategies. It seemed there were no boundaries as airlines combined the luxury of air travel with bold looks. By the end of the decade, flight attendant uniforms became cool and chic rather than regimented and conservative. This exhibition features some of the wilder uniforms made between 1967–74 for Braniff International Airways, Northwest Orient Airlines, Pan American World Airways, Trans World Airlines, and United Air Lines. "Flight Patterns" is on display, post-security, in Harvey Milk Terminal 1 and online at: http://bit.ly/FlightPatternsSFOM This image was posted on April 04, 2022.