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The winter 1968 uniform by Dalton Apparel for Trans World Airlines (TWA) was a more colorful departure from the TWA’s previous looks. This multi-piece ensemble paired an Avocado Green, Golden Yellow, or Poppy Orange dress with a striped, turtleneck bodice, scarf, and beret or headband, along with a matching jacket in the same color as the skirt. A zip-up duster raincoat with sleeves that could be pulled in to be worn as a cape was paired with a matching snap-closure kerchief. Issued in each of the three colors, the outerwear ensemble was a necessity in the late 1960s, when many airports did not have covered jet bridge walkways to protect crew and passengers from the elements as they boarded aircraft. TWA’s winter collection was worn from 1968–71 and gave hostesses the choice to wear whichever colorway they chose on a given day. Flight Patterns is on display in a brand new gallery located post-security in Harvey Milk Terminal 1. http://bit.ly/FlightPatternsSFOM #FlightPatterns This image was posted on August 06, 2021.