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From every personal snapshot, video clip, and diary entry of an airline employee emerges a series of experiences supporting the broader story of commercial aviation. By turns insightful and delightful, these unique perspectives offer an alternative take on the official account of an airline beyond its authorized portrayal and big-name associations. The joy brought to work by former TWA employees is manifest through colorful hand-made cabin welcome signs. These signs not only identified the crew and communicated other essential information to passengers as they came onboard, but they conveyed something far more memorable: a sense of hospitality, character, and trust. Read more about these drawings in a new blog post: https://www.sfomuseum.org/about/blog/redrawing-map-twas-illustrated-homegrown-talent This image was posted on March 30, 2021.

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TWA (Trans World Airlines). It is related to TWA (Trans World Airlines) (the company) .