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The sculptures in “Bird Plane House, Shell, Intersection” by Gay Outlaw are based on simple geometric forms, however, the surface treatments of each work render them engaging and approachable. “Bird Plane House” is composed of two intersecting flat planes that form an illusionistic drawing of a cube. From different perspectives, the work is reminiscent of a bird, an arrow, a drawing of a house, or even a paper plane. “Shell” is a visually dynamic conical half-sphere. The concave interior reflects a spectrum of light from gold to silver, mimicking the coloration of a peacock feather. “Intersection” is an elaboration of a perforated cube design that the artist has worked with extensively. The colorful terrazzo dots stand in for perforations and lend the sculpture a playful pattern and rhythm. “Bird Plane House, Shell, Intersection” by Gay Outlaw is on display on the arrivals level of Terminal 1. https://bit.ly/3rfoO9q This image was posted on July 29, 2021.