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In the early 1970s, Braniff International CEO Harding Lawrence was determined to build on the success and high-visibility that the earlier ad campaigns had afforded the airline. He purchased a single Boeing 747, the iconic new jumbo jet that ignited popular imagination. The company painted the aircraft in an eye-catching solid orange livery and put it to work flying a single route between Dallas and Honolulu. The airliner was known colloquially as "Big Orange" and "the Great Pumpkin." The fact that there was only a single 747 was turned into an advantage by branding the plane as the exclusive "747 Braniff Place." The special allure of "747 Braniff Place" was readily adopted by the travelling public and "Big Orange" boasted one of the most profitable 747 routes anywhere in the world. The aircraft flew an average of 14.29 hours every day and achieved a 97.7% reliability rating—a testament to the hard work of Braniff International's maintenance crews. "When You Got it- Flaunt It: #AdvertisingBraniff International" is on display, pre-security, in the Aviation Museum and Library. http://bit.ly/AdvertisingBraniff This image was posted on December 02, 2017.

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