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On the northern edge of Los Altos, Mexico, is the municipality of Pantelhó. With cities and villages situated in the valleys of tropical, mountainous terrain, Pantelhó is also home to communities of Tzotzil-speaking Mayan artisans who weave distinctive, backstrap-loomed textiles. Their traditional huipil design features narrow, alternating stripes of red and white, decorated by multicolored bands of embroidery around the neckline and embroidered chevrons at the sleeves. Toads, stars, and other symbols are either woven or embroidered onto the stripes in vertical columns. Weavers of contemporary Pantelhó blusas incorporate vibrant pinks, greens, purples, and other colors made possible by modern threads, creating some of the most distinctive textiles in Chiapas. Learn more about "Empowering Threads: Textiles of Jolom Mayaetik" on display, pre-security, in the International Terminal. http://bit.ly/EmpoweringThreads This image was posted on December 19, 2017.

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