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Weavers keep sample textiles known as muestras as a reference to symbols and designs. Muestras vary in size and shape and may be passed down through generations. More extensive muestrario textiles are sometimes woven to document an entire range of design. The muestrario on display here was woven and embroidered as an updated, visual catalog by Magdalena López López, a master artisan from the village of Bayalemó in San Andrés Larráinzar, from 2014-16. This larger tapestry contains more than 134 bands of pattern, from newly envisioned symbols to contemporary designs and ancient Mayan symbols from antiquity. Learn more about "Empowering Threads: Textiles of Jolom Mayaetik" on display, pre-security, in the International Terminal. http://bit.ly/EmpoweringThreads This image was posted on January 30, 2018.

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