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In 1949, Trans-Canada Air Lines produced this traveler information brochure for their passengers traveling with babies. The airline offered a number of different things for mothers and babies on their flights including: Canned Spinach, Irradiated Milk, Arrowroot Biscuits, and Pablum, a processed cereal for infants. Have you ever traveled with your baby? "Every month hundreds of mothers and infants fly with TCA.... some on short flights and many on long distance trips. For some it is their first flight - and a new and pleasant experience - but many of them have been our passengers frequently, because they have learned that to travel relaxed and at ease in luxurious armchair comfort... to reach one's destination so swiftly... make the trip easy on Baby and lighten Mother's problems to the vanishing point. " Image: Trans-Canada Air Lines traveler information, c. 1949. Gift of Thomas G. Dragges. 2014.095.792 This image was posted on March 12, 2018.