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This is your last week to see "When You Got It- Flaunt It: Advertising Braniff International," which highlights two decades of Braniff International Airways' marketing history. Advertising executive George S. Gordon negotiated on Braniff's behalf with the world-renowned artist Alexander Calder to paint an entire Douglas DC-8-62, transforming it into a flying work of art. This aircraft, named Flying Colors of South America, entered service in 1973, on routes between the U.S. and premier South American destinations. Gordon, confident that the aircraft would be so strongly associated with Braniff by reputation, did not place the Braniff International logotype anywhere on the plane's exterior. Did you ever fly on a Braniff aircraft with Calder livery? "When You Got it- Flaunt It: #AdvertisingBraniff International" is on display, pre-security, in the Aviation Museum and Library. http://bit.ly/AdvertisingBraniff This image was posted on June 12, 2018.