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Fighting like cats and dogs? Where does that saying come from? In the 17th century, pet-keeping became popular with upper-class Europeans, leading to daily interactions in the home between cats and dogs. Competition ensued between pets at times, especially when vying for food or their owner’s attention. However, countless friendships have also been made in the home, and many will attest to the amiable and loving, lifelong relationships between cats and dogs who are raised together. A very special thank you to Sandy Lerner for making this exhibition possible. See "Caticons: The Cat in Art" is on display, pre-security, in the International Terminal. http://bit.ly/Caticons Image: Friends late 19th–early 20th century Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (1821–1909) Belgium oil on panel Sandy Lerner Collection in Caticons, 2017 L2018.0601.087 . . . This image was posted on February 02, 2019.

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Caticons: The Cat in Art
This nonaviation exhibition was on display between July 2018 and April 2019 in the A-02 International South Cases gallery, located in International Terminal