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This is your last week to see “Down-Home Music: The Story of Arhoolie Records”, which is on display post-security in Terminal 2. Chris Strachwitz (b. 1931) grew up in the German province of Lower Silesia, which became part of Poland following World War II. Towards the end of the war, Strachwitz and his family fled the advancing Russian army and eventually settled in the United States in 1947. As a teenager, Strachwitz listened to radio broadcasts of hillbilly-country, rhythm-and-blues, gospel, and Mexican-American music and began fervently collecting 78-rpm records. Learn about the odyssey behind his first LP – an album that featured Mance Liscomb, released in 1960 – on his Arhoolie label: http://bit.ly/StoryofArhoolie This image was posted on June 04, 2019.

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Down-Home Music: The Story of Arhoolie Records
This nonaviation exhibition was on display between September 2018 and June 2019 in the 2A Boomerang Gallery gallery, located in Terminal 2