AA680 (PHL-SFO) on December 22, 2019 This American Airlines flight traveled from Philadelphia International Airport to San Francisco International Airport, on December 22, 2019. Passengers on this flight were flying aboard an Airbus A330-200 with tail number N289AY. See all the flights for AA680. / See all the flights for AA680

Flight path for AA680 on this date

Sometimes flight paths may look a bit weird in places, because that is (can be) the nature of radar data. It should still give you a rough idea of where this flight traveled to and from though.

Code-shares with AA680 (PHL-SFO) on this date That means other flights that were actually serviced by this one

BA6541 (PHL-SFO) 1511719445 (20191222-A-BAW-6541)
CZ1648 (PHL-SFO) 1511719997 (20191222-A-CSN-1648)