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Located on the North Shore of #Oahu, #Pipeline produces some of the world’s most powerful hollow waves. Surfer-shaper #GerryLopez redefined tube riding at Pipeline. #SurfboardsAndShapers

#RellSunn was the most prominent female #Hawaiian surfer during the early shortboard era. Dubbed the “Queen of Makaha,” she was an ambassador of the native Hawaiian style of surfing and rode shortboards and longboards with prowess and ease. 📸: Jeff Divine #SurfboardsandShapers

How is our upcoming exhibit on wooden surfboards shaping up? Very well if we do say so ourselves! Stay tuned for more updates! "Reflections in Wood — Surfboards and Shapers" will be on display, pre-security, in the International Terminal soon! #SurfboardsandShapers

The exhibition Reflections in Wood – Surfboards & Shapers (2019-01-11 to 2019-08-12) (1376812931) is available for download in the following formats: