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Born in Hawai‘i and raised in Honolulu, #GerryLopez spent much of his youth surfing at #Waikīkī. By the early 1970s, Lopez rode #Pipeline with an unmatched, fluid style that made surfing one of the world’s most dangerous breaks appear Zen-like. #SurfboardsAndShapers

#Hawaiian #surfing originated approximately 1,000 years ago, imported from Tahiti by the Polynesian people. He‘e nalu, which translates to “wave sliding,” is a culturally distinct form of surfing that grew into a popular pastime in Hawai‘i. #SurfboardsandShapers

In the 1960s, lightweight and cost-effective polyurethane foam and fiberglass surfboards revolutionized the surfing industry. Hermosa Beach surfer-shaper Dudley “Hap” Jacobs, manufactured high-quality surfboards from polyurethane foam. #SurfboardsandShapers

The exhibition Reflections in Wood – Surfboards & Shapers (2019-01-11 to 2019-08-12) (1376812931) is available for download in the following formats: