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This nonaviation exhibition was on display between November 2015 and May 2016 in the A-01 International South Wall and G-01 International North Wall and D-12 Wall Case galleries, located in International Terminal

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Installation view of "Pixar’s Toy Story"
Installation view of "Pixar’s Toy Story"
Installation view of "Pixar’s Toy Story"

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“If the story isn’t there, all the computer graphics in the world piled onto it won’t matter.” Joe Ranft #ToyStory20

To match the army men's movements to their physical limitations, Pete Docter bolted sneakers to a board. #ToyStory20

See more of our "Toy Story at 20" exhibition, pre-security in the International Terminal or at: https://www.flysfo.com/museum/exhibitions/toy-story-twenty #ToyStory20

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