Boarding Area E (2017~) Boarding Area E is part of Terminal 3.
This record supersedes Boarding Area E (2014~ - 2017~)

Public art that has been on display in this boarding area

Loop Series #4: Masquerade in Black Mixed media on Masonite: oil, plaster, tape, hardboard
Letter's Missing Paint, paper collage clear adhesive, spray enamel, white chalk on canvas
Ángulos en Todas las Direcciones Acrylic on board, diptych
Untitled (Large Variation) ceramic, mosaic mural
Ocean Voices II cedar, graphite
Spirogyrate glass, acrylic, LED lighting, motors and electronics
San Francisco Nova Oil on canvas
18th Street Downgrade Oil and black chalk/charcoal on single-thread, primed canvas; uncoated of very thin synthetic resign varnish (spray).
Sky stainless steel, LED lighting, paint

The boarding area Boarding Area E (2017~) (1159396267) is available for download in the following formats: