San Francisco International Airport This airport in the United States is also referred to as SFO or sometimes KSFO / See all the airports / or a random airport The record for this airport supersedes San Francisco Airport (1931-06-09 to 1948~)

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On April 19, 1930, the U. S. Army Air Corps held an “air circus” at Mills Field. #SFOHistory

What was happening at SFO in the 1980s? The second Air Traffic Control Tower above Terminal 2 was completed in 1981. #avgeek #SFOHistory

#OnThisDay in 2011, the new Terminal 2 opened at SFO. If you're traveling through, don't miss our current exhibit, "Maneki Neko: Japan's Beckoning Cat" #SFOHistory #beckoningcats

Buildings that are part of this airport

SFO Terminal Complex
2019-07-23 - open
Rental Car Center
2000~ - open
Null Terminal
1980 - open

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