San Francisco International Airport This airport in the United States is also referred to as SFO or sometimes KSFO / See all the airports / or a random airport This airport supersedes San Francisco Airport (1931-06-09 to 1948~)

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#Onthisday in 1931, Mills Field Municipal Airport of San Francisco was renamed San Francisco Airport. #SFOHistory

The second passenger terminal building at SFO was dedicated, #onthisday in 1937. Construction of a new terminal and administration building began in 1936 with funds from the Public Works Administration. #SFOHistory #avgeek

On September 15, 1963, the South Terminal (now Terminal 1) was dedicated at San Francisco International Airport. The Airport's first major addition since the Central Terminal was the completed in 1954, it further encircled the central parking area. #SFOhistory

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SFO Terminal Complex
2017~ - open
Null Terminal
1980 - open

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