San Francisco International Airport This airport in the United States is also referred to as SFO or sometimes KSFO / See all the airports / or a random airport This airport supersedes San Francisco Airport (1931-06-09 to 1948~)

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See @flySFO's new iconic air traffic control tower rising beautifully into the sky in between Terminal 1 and 2. #sfohistory #avgeek #sfo

It’s changed since the 1980s, but Terminal 2 is clearly recognizable. #SFOHistory #TBT

What did Terminal 2 look like in the 1980s? Quite a bit different than today. Before the existing International Terminal of today, Terminal 2 served as the International Terminal. Have you ever flown out of Terminal 2? #SFOHistory

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SFO Terminal Complex
2017~ - open
Null Terminal
1980 - open

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