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postcard: San Francisco Airport, Skyway Cafe
Image by SFO Museum.

postcard: San Francisco Airport, Skyway Cafe

Paper, ink. Purchase, SFO Museum Collection. 2001.013.022.

Postcard with color illustration titled "Skyway Wing Room, San Francisco International Airport, California"; view of restaurant interior with linen-covered tables; aircraft visible outside window; message typed on reverse, "Dear Mrs. Hurdle, We are very sorry but matches are not to be sent thru the mails. If you think of some way to send them, or if you are up this way some-time, we would be very happy to give you a box of our matches. Sincerely, Skyway Cafe."; killer stamp on reverse, Type I-R4b; back stamp from San Francisco, June 8, 1951; green 1-cent stamp with image of George Washington..

This is object is classified as "Philately (Postcard)", and is part of the Aviation Archive collection. There is one more image of this object.

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