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The Pacific Commerce [1 issue: January 5, 1927]
Image by SFO Museum.

The Pacific Commerce [1 issue: January 5, 1927]

Paper, ink. Transfer from City and County of San Francisco, SFO Museum Collection. 2000.018.076.

January 5, 1927 issue of periodical titled “The Pacific Commerce,” Volume I, Number 19, “Air Port Special / The only complete exposition of San Francisco’s air port problem,” promoting various proposed airport sites in San Francisco Bay Area; subjects include Site No. 5 (San Mateo County), Redwood City, Site No. 2 (South San Francisco), Site No. 3 (Varney Field, between San Mateo and Beresford), Bay Farm Island, and San Francisco Embarcadero; black and white illustration on cover depicting city skyline and seaport; 24 pages..

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