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During the Vietnam War, commercial airliners along with their crews were chartered to fly U.S. troops into combat zones. When flight attendants returned home after intense, intimate exposure to soldiers’ lives and the realities of war, they faced their own disorienting adjustment. Many recall thinking how little was known or understood about the war among Americans. “I was leery about telling people about my work,” remembers Seaboard World Airlines flight attendant Diana Morgan, “I was unsure how they would react.” Later in the war, many of the same flight attendants were asked to work flights that brought refugees and war orphans back to the United States. These flights were particularly stressful on the flight crews. See “Flying the Freedom Birds: Airlines and the Vietnam War,” on display, pre-security, in the Aviation Museum and Library. http://bit.ly/FreedomBirds This image was posted on October 23, 2019.