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The Stinson Model A was one of the last commercial airliners produced in the United States with a steel-tube and fabric fuselage. Although the design was already outdated by the time it was introduced in 1935, it was still a relatively successful short-range, medium-capacity, tri-motor airliner. With a cruising speed of over 160 miles per hour, it was one the fastest tri-motor airliners available at the time and nearly as fast as the Douglas DC-2, which was introduced a year earlier. During the mid-1930s, it was primarily operated by American Airlines on the carrier’s five-stop Detroit–Chicago route, and later, the Washington D.C.–Chicago route. Other operators in the U.S. included Delta Air Lines and Central Airlines. See "Aviation Evolutions: The Jim Lund 1:72 Scale Model Airplane Collection", which features more than 200 models, on display, pre-security, in the Aviation Museum. http://ow.ly/bl8650jjq5O

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Installation view of "Aviation Evolutions: The Jim Lund 1:72 Scale Model Airplane Collection"
Image by SFO Museum. It was taken on Oct 2, 2017.