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Hollywood fashion designer #HowardGreer (1896–1974) created this fitted suit in light blue wool gabardine for TWA in 1945. It was known as the “cutout” for the openwork TWA lettering on the shoulder. With suggestions from supervisor of hostess services Ida Staggers, Greer introduced the “blou-slip,” a combined undergarment in rayon and satin that did not need constant tucking in. The triangular jacket flap could be unbuttoned to cover the TWA lettering, allowing the hostess to smoke or have a cocktail while off duty. Image: TWA (Trans World Airlines), Audrey McNamara Nevis, c. 1945. Gift of the Estate of Audrey McNamara Nevis. 2013.057.001

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timetable: TWA (Trans World Airlines), including Trans World Express Service
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