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Taxiing out from Pan American seaplane base at Dinner Key, Miami, Florida, the airline's new Sikorsky S-40 NC80V prepares for take off on its inaugural passenger flight. This flying boat, then the largest commercial airplane built in the United States, was christened "American Clipper" by First Lady Mrs. Herbert Hoover. It was the first to carry the famous "Clipper" name, which was subsequently registered as a trademark by Pan American. While the detached wing and twin-boom design of the S-40 was similar to the S-38 model, it was roughly twice the size, required a crew of six, and carried thirty more passengers than its predecessor. This November 19, 1931, flight of the "American Clipper" began regular service to Cristobal in the Canal Zone via Cienfuegos, Cuba; Kingston Jamaica; and Barranquilla, Colombia. Charles Lindbergh piloted the Miami - Barranquilla leg, and Basil Rowe took command for the Barranquilla - Cristobal segment. The "American Clipper" arrived with thirty-three passengers and several hundred pounds of mail.

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airmail flight cover: Transpacific Air Mail, Suva (Fiji) - London route
Image by SFO Museum.
Pan American Airways (1927 to 1991)
This airline was from the United States. It is related to Pan American World Airways (the company) .