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Masterminded by advertising executive Mary Wells Lawrence and unveiled in 1965, Braniff’s revolutionary new identity shocked the airline industry. For “The End of the Plain Plane” campaign, designer Alexander Girard (1907–1993) introduced a vivid color pallet, while Italian-born fashion impresario Emilio Pucci (1914–1992) re-conceptualized the airline uniform. Pucci’s 1965 Gemini IV Collection was multi-layered for inflight quick-change combinations of suits, tunics, and culottes. Pucci then introduced this 1966 Supersonic Derby outfit. The harlequin-print nylon jersey, tights, and bowler hat have Central American instruments and pre-Columbian art motifs. Footwear designer Beth Levine (1914–2006) created the striped calfskin boots. Image: Braniff International, Anne Karin Austreim Walker, 1968. Gift of Sandra C. A. Thomas in memory of Anne Karin Walker. 2015.062.035

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