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Modern, mid-century entertaining called for contemporary and expressive dinnerware. In 1954, two California-based manufacturers introduced a selection of progressive earthenware lines. The quintessentially modern Starburst design was a transfer-printed pattern created by Mary C.L. Brown (1913–65) to decorate George James’ (1921–2003) futuristic line of Eclipse dinnerware for Franciscan. Around the same time, Metlox added the California Mobile series to their Poppytrail earthenware. Designed by Frank Irwin (1922–2002), California Mobile was a decal pattern applied to Metlox’ Freeform range of sculpturally squared plates and boomerang-shaped dishes. "The Modern Consumer: Products and Style" is on display, post-security, in Terminal 3. http://bit.ly/1950sConsumer

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