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Introduced in 1951, the Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation was an enhanced-range, stretched upgrade of the 049 Constellation and was designed primarily to compete on transatlantic routes with the Douglas DC-6. The 1049G Super Constellation variant included more powerful Wright turbo-compound engines and a modification to allow the installation of wingtip fuel tanks, all of which gave the airliner increased range and speed. TWA (Trans World Airlines) eventually purchased twenty-eight of the aircraft from Lockheed and promoted them as the new “Super G.” The airline launched 1049G transatlantic service to Europe in November 1955 in an effort to compete with its major rival on the route, Pan American World Airways, which was flying the DC-6B. Under normal conditions, the aircraft could fly across the Atlantic nonstop. TWA’s “Super Gs” were appointed with interiors created by the renowned industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss. They included a lounge, sleeping berths, and colorful murals. See "Aviation Evolutions: The Jim Lund 1:72 Scale Model Airplane Collection", which features more than 200 models, on display, pre-security, in the Aviation Museum. http://bit.ly/AviationEvolutions

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Installation view of "Aviation Evolutions: The Jim Lund 1:72 Scale Model Airplane Collection"
Image by SFO Museum. It was taken on Oct 2, 2017.