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Fifty-two years ago, the Black Panther Party (BPP) formed in Oakland, California. Known for their social justice programs opposing white supremacy and police brutality, the Party also established food security and community co-op grocery programs aimed towards providing food access for local residents. Today, food insecurity remains a concern in West Oakland, with nearly a third of its residents living below the poverty line and without easy access to nutritious food. In an effort to fill this need, new groups, greatly influenced by the BPP's food access initiative, have formed to provide easier access to healthy, affordable food for local residents. In her project, The Farms of West Oakland, Oakland-based documentary photographer Preston Gannaway draws focus on these efforts, surveying the diverse range of approaches to and intersections between urban farming and community outreach in West Oakland. See "The Farms of West Oakland" by Preston Gannaway, on display, in the Terminal 2 connector between Terminal 1 and 2. http://bit.ly/2r5XtJ4

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This image was posted on April 30, 2018.